Peugeot is a major French car brand, part of PSA Peugeot Citroen. Peugeot’s roots go back to bicycle manufacturing at the end of the 19th century. Its headquarters are in Paris, Avenue de la Grande Armee.

Although the Peugeot factory had been in the manufacturing business for some time, their entry into the world of wheeled vehicles was by means of the bicycle. Armand Peugeot introduced the Peugeot “Le Grand Bi” penny-farthing in 1882 and a range of bicycles. Peugeot bicycles have been built until very recently, although the car company and bike company parted ways in 1926.

During the first World War Peugeot turned largely to arms production, becoming a major manufacturer of arms and military vehicles, from bicycles to tanks and shells. Postwar, car production resumed in earnest; the car was becoming no longer just a plaything for the rich but accessible to many. 1926, however, saw the cycle (pedal and motor) business separate to form Cycles Peugeot — the consistently profitable cycle division seeking to free itself from the rather more boom-and-bust auto business.

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  • 27/01/2017
  • Manual
  • 25412 mls
  • 19/05/2016
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  • 34400 mls
  • 24/10/2014
  • Manual
  • 58750 mls
  • 30/09/2010
  • Automatic
  • 67824mls
  • 2014
  • Manual
  • 53278mls
  • 2014
  • Manual 6speed
  • 45385mls
  • 06/08/2003
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  • 000
  • 22/04/1999
  • Manual
  • 166979mls
  • 25/01/2009
  • Automatic
  • 098937km
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  • 27/03/2012
  • Automatic
  • 130687mls
  • 01/09/2011
  • Automatic
  • 98857mls
  • 06/09/2005
  • Manual
  • 228795km