What to check before buying a second-hand car?

Points to check before buying a second-hand car:

For years, more used cars have been sold than new ones, an average of 2 or 3 used cars for each new one. The second-hand market already moves as much money as the new market, but almost half of the sales correspond to cars with more than ten years. That’s why people are looking for cheap second-hand cars that can be easily paid for cash or with some credit.

The high demand for these cars has caused that they have raised their price in recent years, according to the dealers. They are old cars, which may have some serious problem. In addition, a large part of the transactions are between individuals, which subtracts guarantees. That is why it is key to locate cars with problems.

The first step is to ask a series of key questions to the seller, who can already put you on the track if the owner hides some detail. Then it is key to check that the papers are in order, that it fits the kilometers that really marks and that he has not had a serious accident. Ideally, a professional mechanic should check a car, but it is not very common in these cars where savings are sought.

Hence, with a few tricks, you can get to locate serious problems, with a step-by-step inspection of the vehicle. If you are looking for a cheap used car, the most important thing is that it has no serious defects. These mechanical problems you can detect yourself.